Adi's Will

undefinedAdi (Ehud) Ben Dror was a young man from Petah Tikva, healthy and full of life, who fell ill suddenly, at the age of 26, with an acute kidney disease that deteriorated to terminal kidney insufficiency. He was treated by dialysis for two long years, while waiting for a telephone call announcing that a kidney suitable for transplant had finally been found for him. When a kidney was found and the transplant was carried out, his body was no longer able to cope with the complications and he died after two months. In the course of his illness, Adi spoke with his parents, Dvora and Shmuel Ben Dror, and with his friends, and expressed the idea of people signing a statement as to their willingness of donating their organs after their death.

After Adi's death, this idea became his Will and, in October 1978, the Adi Association was created, which represented a turning point for organ donation awareness in Israel – and the public began to sign the Adi Donor Card. Since 1989, the National Transplant Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Health, has administered the database of Adi card holders.

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