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In accordance with the applicable copyright laws in Israel, and in accordance with international treaties, the copyright for the Ministry’s publications, including those published under this service, belong to the State of Israel. These copyrights extend, among others, to texts, images, illustrations, maps, sound bytes, video clips, graphics and software applications (“the copyrighted material”, hereinafter), unless specifically stated that the copyrights to the copyrighted material belong to another party. The user is permitted to make “fair use” of the copyrighted material in accordance with the legally mandated rules. Fair use includes reasonable quotations out of the copyrighted material.

Whomever makes a quotation as described above, is required to state the source of the quotation, whether that be the Ministry or other body. It is forbidden to distort, degrade or make any other change in the copyrighted material, or take any other action that may diminish the value of the copyrighted material, or which may be violate the honor or reputation of the copyright owner.

Under the copyright laws, it is forbidden to copy, redistribute, re-broadcast or advertise copyrighted material without prior written agreement from the Ministry.

Contacting the Ministry

Any questions concerning this service, and additional questions concerning the Ministry’s activities, may be communicated directly to the Ministry at the following email address:


This service is offered to the public “As Is”. The State of Israel shall bear no responsibility for the suitability of the service to the user’s needs. Furthermore, the State of Israel shall not be held responsible for any errors or mistakes in the material presented under the service. The State of Israel shall not be liable for any changes made by the user or by any third party in the presented content.

The user and the user alone shall be responsible for he manner in which s/he uses the service. The State of Israel shall not be liable for any harm to the user or to any third party as a result of direct or indirect use of the service, including harm caused by use of the software applications downloaded directly via the service or which were used as a result of using the service, including Java applications, Active-X applications and JavaScript applications.

In the context of this paragraph, “The State of Israel” includes its employees and representatives. 


The Ministry of Health web pages are available in several foreign languages, and the Internet team uploads these translations as a service to a broad public .While the translations are faithful to the Hebrew source as much as possible, we recognize that the translations may not be as precise, clear or complete as the Hebrew source. The official version is the Hebrew source. We hope that you find these translations useful. 

Official Publications of the State of Israel

Should any contradiction or discrepancy arise between the material published under this service and the official written publications of the State of Israel, then only the material in the official written publications shall be deemed correct. 

Links to Websites 

The website contains links to external websites which are not owned by or controlled by the State of Israel and/or the Ministry of Health. These links are provided solely for the convenience of the users of the website.
Unless stated otherwise in the website, there is no legal or commercial relationship between the ministry and the owners of the linked websites, and the ministry has no control or rights over the material in these websites. Furthermore, the State of Israel bears no responsibility for the contents of the material in the said websites.

the provision of a link to an external website shall not be construed to be an endorsement, approval, recommendation or preference by the State or the Ministry, of the website or its operators, owners or creators. This applies equally to the documents and any other content or products shown in the websites.

At the time of inclusion of any link in this Ministry of Health website, it was found that the information in the linked sites was suitable for the general purposes of the information delivery service to the public regarding health issues, and that the link itself works. However, over time it is possible that changes will be made in the linked website.

If the user of the website has reason to believe that a linked website or the content therein is unsuitable, or if the link does not work, then the user is requested to notify the webmaster accordingly. Furthermore, if the user thinks there is a more suitable website relevant to the subject of this service, then the user is requested to notify the webmaster accordingly.

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